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What Kind of Disciplinary Actions Can Be Done Against Nevada Nurses?

The Nursing Board announces the disciplinary actions against nurses in Nevada.

The following are the majority of issues for which disciplinary actions can be done in Nevada.

• Drug diversion/narcotic abuse w/ impairment; includes use of illegal (street) drugs

• Sexual misconduct

• Harm to patient requiring medical intervention

• Physical abuse

• Negligence which leads to patient death

• Mental incapacity with harm to patient or likelihood of harm

• Crimes against persons or personal property of a patient

• Substance abuse affecting ability to practice safely

• Pattern of gross nursing incompetence

• Beyond the scope to include lack of documentation of clinical competency

• Pattern of errors or an isolated error to include judgment errors

• Practice with lapsed license for > 6 mo.

• Falsification or records

• Inappropriate delegation beyond respondent’s own scope

• Failure to supervise resulting in an unreasonable risk of harm to a patient or resulting in serious harm to a patient

1. Once documents have been served, they are available to the public. If a Statement of Allegations is furnished, it is confidential until the Stipulation to Informal Discipline is accepted or the case is closed.

2. The decision to notify the employer is made on a case by- case basis. Often they will be notified of a summary suspension. They are sent a copy of the final order.

3. Refusing to care for patients on the basis of race, religion, or other nonclinical played.

4. Failure to abide by infection control practices.

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