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What Physicians should do when they receive the first letter from Board's Investigator?

What to do when you receive the initial disciplinary letter? Few choices of course. Throw in the garbage, leave in the drawer, forget it, or just leave under the mattress. However, all these steps would not evaporate the initial issue into thin air. First thing, no need to panic? In this blog, you would continuously see very important information which can help you in this time of trial for you and your family. Continue reading our blog as we had written series of posts about Nevada physicians and disciplinary issues. We would update you as this contains a sizable information on the process and all the technicalities invovled in the process. Again, no need to panic. Law Office of Malik W. Ahmad is here to help you. Call our office and see Attorney Malik W. Ahmad. Let us see the site where where you can find all kinds of names of physicians who had been disciplined by the Medical Board of Nevada.

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